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Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Houston, TX

Arthritis or traumatic injury to the knee can cause pain, deformity and stiffness that can severely limit daily activities. Knee replacement can alleviate that pain and restore the normal alignment of the knee, allowing you to move easily.

Not everyone is a candidate for knee replacement. Discuss the pros and cons of your different treatment options with your physician.

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Types of Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

If the cartilage damage in your knee has occurred on both sides of the joint, or in all three joint components, a total knee replacement procedure may be performed.  During the surgery, the damaged part of the knee joint is removed from the surface of the bones, and the surfaces are then shaped to hold a metal or plastic artificial joint. The artificial joint may be attached to the thigh bone, shin, and knee cap either with cement or special bonding material. When fit together, the attached artificial parts for the joint, relying on the surrounding muscles and ligaments for support and function.

Houston knee replacement surgery relieves pain in more than 90 percent of patients. Within months of surgery, most patients can play golf, drive a car or go for a long walk.

Partial Knee Replacement

Sometimes, the cartilage damage in your knee is limited to one or two surfaces. When this happens, a partial knee resurfacing (PKR) procedure may be more appropriate. 

Knee Replacement Locations

Knee replacement Houston is available at a Memorial Hermann Joint Center near you. See locations.

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