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At the Memorial Hermann Joint Center, the goal is to provide you exceptional quality and individualized joint pain treatment. The physicians affiliated with the Joint Center specialize in the non-surgical and surgical treatment of joint pain and offers the most progressive standard of care available. Each year, Joint Center physicians perform more than 3,000 hip and knee joint replacement procedures at our 8 locations, more than any other hospital system in the Greater Houston area.

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Patient Stories

Pain Relief After Two Hip Replacements

When Eddie Carlton realized his hip pain limited his movement as a physical education teacher, he knew it was time to find relief with Dr. Eddie Huang and two hip replacements. Read The Full Story

She is Back in the Pool

When the pain in her right knee became more than she could bear after several years, even with modifications to her activity level, she considered knee replacement surgery with Dr. Ken Mathis. Read The Full Story

Fred Carpenter - See his Joint Center story

When Fred Carpenter could no longer take a walk with his grandkids, he asked a friend who's an orthopedic surgeon who he would recommend. He answered, "Memorial Hermann Joint Center". Read The Full Story

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About Memorial Hermann Joint Centers

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic joint pain and the resulting loss of mobility. Whether your joint pain is caused by osteoarthritis or other conditions, the Memorial Hermann Joint Center is here to help. With 8 Houston-area locations, the Center offers the most advanced treatment options to get you moving again. From new prescription options, joint injections and physical therapy, to minimally invasive joint replacement surgery, a team of affiliated experts is ready to help you find the best path to the life you want to live. 

Knee Pain

Fifty million people in the U.S. alone suffer with knee pain, from disease or overuse. The culprit can stem from any of these conditions:

Hip Pain

Hip pain, one of the most common types of joint pain, can affect mobility, movement, and quality of life. Hip pain can caused by many different conditions, most notably: