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Are You a Candidate for
Joint Replacement?

Have you experienced joint pain for longer than 6 months?

Does joint pain get in the way of enjoying your favorite activities?


Have you talked to your doctor about joint pain treatment options?

Joint pain treatment comes in many forms and may involve lifestyle modifications, medications,
or other minimally invasive and non-minimally invasive procedures.

Exercise or Physical Therapy


Non-Surgical Treatments

Joint Replacement Surgery

What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Arthritis or traumatic injury to joints can cause pain, deformity and stiffness that can severely limit daily activities. If chronic knee or hip joint pain is affecting your life, it might be time to consider joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery is a type of surgery that removes damaged or diseased parts of a joint and replaces them with new, man-made part. This surgery can alleviate that pain and restore the normal alignment of the knee or hip, allowing you to move easily. Benefits include:

  • Faster recovery times 
  • Less trauma to surrounding muscle structure that supports the joint
  • Less need for pain management narcotics
Each year, Memorial Hermann Joint Centers perform over 3,000 joint
replacement procedures at our 8 locations, more than any other
hospital system in the Greater Houston area.

"I would give Memorial Hermann Joint Center the highest marks. From the very beginning to the very end, it was really focused on helping the patient to—no pun intended—but to walk through it."

Patient Rebecca Buckner

“I don’t have any pain with my knee. To have the ability to walk without limping, to swim, to garden, to take my dog for a walk — there’s nothing better.” – Rebecca

Patient Bill Teague With Dog

"They treated my wife and I as if we were the only patients they had. Surgery was at 1:30 pm and by 3 pm that day I was able to take 20 steps with a walker. By 8 pm that same day, I was up to 224 steps. The next day at 8 am, I managed 250 steps." – Bill

Is Joint Replacement Surgery Right For You?

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